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How fresh are the birds?

We cut the birds from our farms every day; once they are cut, the flowers are set into buckets of water and kept in cold storage. We ship our flowers to u.s. Once a week so we can provide our customers with fresh flowers weekly.

Can you provide birds of paradise flowers all year round?

As you know, we depend on our season peaks, but we have incoming young plantations on birds of paradise flowers; right now, we cut flowers all year round, and we want to provide flowers to all our best customers all year long. It may be possible that we are not going to be able to supply your whole demand of flowers, but this will be only when our production goes down, and we´ll let you with two or three weeks in advance.

What ways do I have to make an order of birds of paradise flowers?

You can either fill out our order form on our website or give us a phone call; once your order of flowers is approved, we will notify you by phone call or e-mail.

Through what cargo company do you ship the flowers?

On our website (check on shipping), we give you three options on cargo companies; since all prices are f.o.b Los Angeles, Ca. (only if your order is made from u.s.), you have the option of choosing the cargo company of your choice.

Once my order is approved, when do you ship my order of flowers?

Once your order is approved, it will be shipped to you as soon as possible, it could be the same day or depending on if we have flowers on stock, if we don´t, we get fresh flowers weekly from our farms, and as soon as we get them, we will ship them to you, and we will notify you.

Do I have to pay first to get my flowers?

At this time, yes, you have to make your payments first.

Can I pay with a credit card?

At this time, we are not taking credit cards.

How can I pay for my order?

You can make a deposit or money transfer to either one of our account numbers in Mexico or u.s.

Can I get the flowers on consignment?

No, we don`t work on a consignment basis.

Can I ask for some samples of birds of paradise flowers?

Yes, you can ask for some samples of our birds to prove that we carry one of the best qualities on birds of paradise flowers in the market.